Coronavirus Travel Info

Due to the high volume of queries we are receiving, the response time will be significantly delayed so please bear with us. Rather than contacting us, please use the online refunds tool at This will leave our support team free to help more vulnerable customers and those with more complex needs.

Seat Reservations

For some trains you will now be required to have a seat reservation to travel. If you don't have a seat reservation, you may not be allowed to board.
TrainSplit automatically gives you the required reservation when needed, so you don't need to worry. Often a specific seat may not be reserved, just a place on the train. This is done to allow groups that live together to travel together, but to allow others to retain social distancing. In this case, you can choose your seat when you get on the train.

Travelling Advice

Can you travel another way? Help us to keep the trains clear for those who really need them.
For current advice, please go to the National Rail Website

Will I get a refund if I decide not to travel?

All tickets, including advance tickets purchased before Monday 23rd March are now fully refundable, but only before the time of travel.
Advanced tickets purchased from Monday 23rd March onwards are subject to the normal rules.

The industry has common rules in place for refunds. To see these and for information and advice about travelling, please visit the National Rail Website.

For refunds, please go to